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By Jerry bony on Dec 05, 2022

I had a protective order put on me by my ex girlfriend whom i have been helping even after we broke up . He came just in time and had the order terminated and dismissed, which may have affected opportunities for me in the future. One of the best attorneys out there hands down.

By Robert on Dec 01, 2022

Hal was absolutely fantastic. He was incredibly professional and understanding. He answered every question I had and did so with patience and clarity. His experience and work ethic are unquestionable and he is my immediate recommendation whenever someone needs an attorney.

By Alpine Towing on Dec 01, 2022

By D B on Nov 23, 2022

Highly Recommended! If you're looking for a master at his craft to handle your legal situation, then I highly recommend that you retain service from the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel. I was looking for an experienced attorney to handle my legal matter and I found Mr. Garfinkel through a Google search. I briefly explained my situation to his assistant through the chat feature on his website (at least I think it was a real person but you never know these days!), and was told that someone would contact me later to discuss the matter. Shortly thereafter I got a call from Mr. Garfinkel himself, who explained his process for providing a private consult. He respectfully offered to speak with me for as long as I wanted and answer all of my questions, and that's when I knew that he was the real deal. He told me that he was very busy that day but was willing to take the time in between his busy court schedule to talk with me. I really appreciated the calm and thorough way he discussed the law and how it pertained to my case, and that was reassuring. After he explained the law and gave me his professional advice, he answered every one of follow-up questions. I felt that we had a great open-ended discussion, and he generously said that I could call him later if I forgot anything and had more questions!!! I really respected that offer and that also made me feel better. In summary, if you are looking for an amazingly experienced legal mind who knows what he's talking about and will take his time to explain the law, a man who truly cares and puts his clients first, then you should look no further than Hal M. Garfinkel.

By Shawn Good on Jun 02, 2022

Hal Garfinkle is an experienced criminal attorney who wins. He is knowledgeable in the courtroom and his dedication to clients is respectable. Reduced sentences and dismissals are his track record. Hire Hal!

By Melvin Tucker on Jun 01, 2022

By berk cakin on May 20, 2022

By Maribel Fuentes on Apr 25, 2022

By Claudia Varela on Apr 22, 2022

Hal is extremely knowledgeable and has tons of experience. He laid out the multiple scenarios our case could take. He gave us solid advice, he is truly trustworthy.

By Sean Obrien on Mar 24, 2022

By marisol fuentes on Mar 22, 2022

Mr. Hal Garfinkel is an excellent attorney! We were told he was the best defense attorney out there and he exceeded our expectations. My dad's case was able to get dismissed with all of his very hard work and dedication and we can't thank him enough. He was also very kind in allowing us to pay him in payments since we couldn't come up with the full amount right away. Very professional, made things much simpler for us, great communication, and a highly highly recommended lawyer!

By John Wilson on Mar 11, 2022

I highly recommend Hal Garfinkel to anyone looking for a lawyer who is willing to battle for them. I’m from outside of Chicago and he still took on my case knowing it would be a long drive to each court date (which I ended up having 8). We discussed multiple offers from the state and ultimately I decided it was worth it to me to go to trial with Hal by my side. He warned me going in that this is going to be a hard battle but he was ready to go to war for me. After 2 hours of listening to Hal question witnesses the judge determined gaps in the case and found me not guilty. This was all due to Hals hard work and knowledge in the courtroom. I was able to keep my job and a felony off of my record. Thank you so much Hal 🙏🏼

By YASINN PATEL on Feb 18, 2022

Mr Hal Garfinkel is one of the best attorneys in Chicago,He knows what's best for your case and he is well respected in every courtroom highly recommended. He did goes above and beyond to narrow my case,He always make me calm with his great words (Plz relax),He showed up in every court call i had. Highly recommended lawyer ,Once again Thank you so much Mr Hal.

By Cee Estrad on Feb 10, 2022

Mr. Garfinkel is the best of the best. If your looking for an attorney look no where else and give him a call. As soon as he took on my case, after the first court date a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. He won’t settle for less and will fight for you to get you right. Great guy can’t thank him enough.

By Suha Oner on Feb 09, 2022

Hands down the best attorney I’ve ever had!! I was doing 97 in 55 and he got me only 3 months supervision. I was shaking in my boots that I’d lose my license but Hal took great care of me. What’s even crazier is that in the middle of my hearing another person in the other courtroom had a heart attack and Hal literally ran over and saved his life! He’s also a paramedic. Ram to his car and grabbed his equipment, ram back to save the guy then came over and saved me from losing my DL. No other words can explain the gratitude and respect I have for Hal. Thanks again, Hal!!

By Alex Wakatan on Jan 20, 2022

This man works hard for the best result no matter what. What makes him different from other attorneys is that he thinks outside the box of court motions. He will get to know you so that he can present your case in a way that the court system considers you as a person and not a case number thats defined by what is written in a report. Thanks to him my record remains without convictions and I will be moving on to the next part of my life in the United States Army. If you need a second chance and you have goals for your future or your current life, then get serious and and call Hal Garfinkel.

By Miguel Garcia on Jan 12, 2022

I feel Extremely BLESSED to have found a Lawyer like Mr. Garfinkel! This man, or should I say Godsend! Helped me quash my warrant the very NEXT day I gave him a call. Very Honest, unbelievable competent, and direct. Does not sugar coat!! Truly believe if we need representation, we owe it to ourselves to give this Attorney a call! Thank you once again Mr. Garfinkel!

By JB on Jan 06, 2022

I have to thank Mr Garfinkel for getting all of my traffic charges dropped after going to trial and beating all charges. He is a good lawyer, and put on a good defense !

By JB on Jan 06, 2022

Mr Garfinkel is one of the hardest working attorney I ever met. He went to trial on a ticket that i received for an accident death. He explained everything to me step by step and put me at ease. When we went to trial he left no stone unturned and made the state have to prove their case. After two days of trial the judge dropped the charges and I was found not guilty on all counts. He is a good lawyer, and put on a good defense! I recommend it him al the way

By Sharon Bell on Dec 30, 2021

Hal beat my son case🙌🏽🙌🏽Very professional we felt very comfortable throughout the entire process...he said not to worry I got this !! And he did just that!! Thanks again ..he’s the BEST!!